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We at RESH want to help your business be the best it can be, and by applying our knowledge of economic trends, researching key demographics and data, and constructing a custom marketing program for your business, we help you achieve just that. Let RESH do the leg work and lead your business to the success it deserves. For over 30 years, RESH has been leading businesses on the path to success, start your journey today.

"Establishing, changing and maintaining a brand is a matter
of details, and paying attention."

- Hal Von Nessen, Principal of Resh Marketing Consultants, inc.

RESH Marketing • 3/1/16

Preparing for Tomorrow's Workforce
The future of South Carolina's economic growth depends on having an educated
and trained workforce prepared to fill the positions that new industry brings to the state..... Click to read more

Video Sample: Forsberg Real Estate "Mummbles"
Video Sample: Home and Garden Show
Video Sample: Project Hope Business


Research & Analysis
Research is becoming all the more important as more businesses start to monitor the specifics of their audience. Research allows you to make informed decisions on how and when to market, and who to market to. RESH has the staff to get you the information you want and advise you on how to use it. We'll crunch the numbers and explain the solutions one-on-one. No more fretting on what to do next! Let RESH lead the way!

Advertising is RESH's specialty. Having been in the advertising business since 1979, RESH has made a name for itself in the Palmetto State for delivering quality work in very little time. We have the experience to satisfy any need and answer any question. Make a statement with bold, beautiful marketing to attract all potential clientele. You have a short time to make an impact on all who see your company. Rest assured with RESH that that short time is all you are going to need to seal the deal!

Customer Service
RESH's priority is you – the customer! We will ensure perfection and deliver the results that prove we are the best choice when it comes to pushing your business forward. With a myriad of way to stay in contact, we will ensure you never feel lost with RESH. Our job is to make you happy.